Neil’s capacity to interact with others was somewhat hindered and his life after 20’s was one of a depressed loner. From a promising start he did not achieve what he wanted and once he failed at his building careers he lost a place to stay and a solid income. He began to travel the country looking for more places to settle but it just wasn’t in him to choose one place to stay . He had no real friends except for one he mentioned from the 7up series with which he stayed for a period of time, this friend was also concerned for Neil’s well-being and the possibility he might take his own life. When questioned of his sanity he had no clear answer and seemed to be ironically spaced out and stated that others had put forward their concerns on the matter as well. The biggest surprise of the episode came when he turned around and picked up a job as a politician despite this fact he still had no income and had to live off government benefits. This is where we come to the oldest we see him and he has also achieved a degree through correspondence and appears he is looking forward to the future because it could be no worse than his past.


Indecision….Plans don’t always work out

Sometimes no matter how much we plan sometimes things just don’t work out the way we want them to. This is the case with many things , we plan to study for that test and we don’t , we plan to go to the gym and we don’t or we plan for our career to go down a certain path and its just doesn’t work out . We have all experienced this along with another thing being indecision and often the two go hand in hand . With Suzy in the 7 up series this particularly showed with her attitude towards schooling chopping and changing and her eventually not completing her education and seemingly falling down a bit. Then her plans quickly changed when Rupert came into her life and made a big change, this meant her original marriage and family plans were back on. This also shows that plans can quickly change as well as the fact that when it comes to the time of actually implementing that original plan you realize things are a lot different to what you expected. Again with Suzy’s case when it came to the birth of her children she decided against her original plan of having a Nanny raise her children, to deciding it was best to raise her own.

In referring back to my own life my plans have already started changing with my career even before i’m even close to beginning full-time employment. One thing I have though is the sound mind that ultimately God has my life planned down to the finest detail and I don’t have to worry one bit. This doesn’t mean I have to do nothing myself to make things happen but the Big picture is all worked out for my best.