Nick the mathman genius

Nick excelled in mathematics and went on to teach it to many different people at different schools in multiple cultures. This appeared to be a constant passion of his throughout his life and put aside any of his other ambitions for family and such. When he finally met the woman that would then become his wife he settled at one school and would most probably finish out his teaching career there. having children later in life was also an experience for them and he and his wife both mentioned how taxing it was on them physically but they still loved it. Nick has been one of the few participants in the documentary that has had a fairly stable life with one main career path and so far only one marriage and family. Despite this fact my bet is that there would be more people like this in the world that relevant to any other of the 7up participants.

Nowadays however there seems to be a great uncertainty in the workforce and the selection of career paths for people as many end up doing multiple full-time jobs in their lifetime.  Usually these are in completely different areas as well . I in some ways hope to be involved in several areas of employment over my lifetime because I have shown interest in many areas and do quite enjoy a change every now and then.  



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