Big ideas and big ambitions are something all of us have, and a majority forget , put aside and dismiss because “life gets in the way”. Tony from the 7 up series was one of the few people that followed through with his dreams , the fact that he decided it wasn’t in his best interest is beside the point. When it come to this stage in life that I am ready to select and decide my dreams and ambitions regarding my career ,my life and consider possibilities, it is important for me to stick by my goals and life ambitions. People who let these things slip fall into a place in which they are just going through the motions seemingly just waiting to die or waste away their days waiting for something to happen. Aspirations to continually improve yourself or aim for a goal whether it be saving for a holiday, working towards a promotion or just simply to be a better person. Tony displayed a perpetual attempt to aim higher and higher until he reached one point where he says “I’m as far as I can come and I’m satisfied”. Despite what he says I feel that every person naturally wants to always get more, be more and achieve more. There is no amount of wealth, status, achievements or experiences you can have that will fully satisfy you, but ambitions are important to keep you motivated and moving forward. Once you set yourself a goal and you then work for it and achieve it there is almost no better feeling in the world, hopefully this will motivate you to continue to shoot for goals and aim higher. So give it a whack, set yourself a goal and work towards it to reap the rewards.    


2 thoughts on “Ambititons

  1. Wow riley really insightful. keep up the good work (y) #youdabest

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