tony baloney

Tony has worked hard for most of his life and has built a company with his cab driving. He literally started from the bottom to get to where and the most would say that he deserves all he has because he worked for it and he is reaping the rewards of hard work. From the last episode it would seem that he is spending more time in Spain and has acquired quite a tan in the process. His plans for an extravagant Vila were ruined however by the construction of a new Aldi and the economic crisis which we recently experienced was also seen over in Spain. Now that we are up to date with current times it is somewhat easier to observe and get your head around. I assume that in the coming years Tony will retire, sell his Taxis and move to Spain to live out the rest of his life in Luxury. 


Lacking in something necessary

Paul from the 7up series ,right up to the time we saw him at 49, lacked confidence almost entirely, this is sort of something I can relate to. Being an analytic mind everything that happens is processed and thought about in depth and I believe that is similar to how Paul would have taken the world in. Further on in his life he started to the gain the self-confidence he had always wanted and it allowed him to be a better person and a better family man because it meant he could then build others up. This is something I need to work on because it hinders my ability to enjoy things as much as I could be and get the most out of life. It helpful to see that the change in Paul leaves him feeling a sense of joy in all that he is doing and I like that he and his family are a tight knit unit because of this change.

The fact that we are now up to the point where you can look back and see their lives almost have played there way all the way through and experiencing different occupations with great difficulty and great reward. It makes me think about how my life is going to play out and what I want and need to achieve to advance on from the stage I am at. As seen in the series several of the people end up going nowhere from their 20s and are left feeling like there are wasted  opportunities and that they have a sense of an unfulfilled life. As it is I value my family but seeing things in Paul’s life shows that the care for your family should only grow stronger.

Nick the mathman genius

Nick excelled in mathematics and went on to teach it to many different people at different schools in multiple cultures. This appeared to be a constant passion of his throughout his life and put aside any of his other ambitions for family and such. When he finally met the woman that would then become his wife he settled at one school and would most probably finish out his teaching career there. having children later in life was also an experience for them and he and his wife both mentioned how taxing it was on them physically but they still loved it. Nick has been one of the few participants in the documentary that has had a fairly stable life with one main career path and so far only one marriage and family. Despite this fact my bet is that there would be more people like this in the world that relevant to any other of the 7up participants.

Nowadays however there seems to be a great uncertainty in the workforce and the selection of career paths for people as many end up doing multiple full-time jobs in their lifetime.  Usually these are in completely different areas as well . I in some ways hope to be involved in several areas of employment over my lifetime because I have shown interest in many areas and do quite enjoy a change every now and then.  



Paul of all the 7up members was the perfect fit for the Australian lifestyle with his tradesman skills and a relaxed go with the flow personality. His life cruised along at a steady pace and he seemed to be content with whatever was happening. His only problem seemed to be when it came to his girlfriend then wife and his struggles regarding his confidence etc. coming towards his later life he was able to overcome his self-esteem issues and find joy and fulfillment in his family and grandchildren.    


Neil’s capacity to interact with others was somewhat hindered and his life after 20’s was one of a depressed loner. From a promising start he did not achieve what he wanted and once he failed at his building careers he lost a place to stay and a solid income. He began to travel the country looking for more places to settle but it just wasn’t in him to choose one place to stay . He had no real friends except for one he mentioned from the 7up series with which he stayed for a period of time, this friend was also concerned for Neil’s well-being and the possibility he might take his own life. When questioned of his sanity he had no clear answer and seemed to be ironically spaced out and stated that others had put forward their concerns on the matter as well. The biggest surprise of the episode came when he turned around and picked up a job as a politician despite this fact he still had no income and had to live off government benefits. This is where we come to the oldest we see him and he has also achieved a degree through correspondence and appears he is looking forward to the future because it could be no worse than his past.

Indecision….Plans don’t always work out

Sometimes no matter how much we plan sometimes things just don’t work out the way we want them to. This is the case with many things , we plan to study for that test and we don’t , we plan to go to the gym and we don’t or we plan for our career to go down a certain path and its just doesn’t work out . We have all experienced this along with another thing being indecision and often the two go hand in hand . With Suzy in the 7 up series this particularly showed with her attitude towards schooling chopping and changing and her eventually not completing her education and seemingly falling down a bit. Then her plans quickly changed when Rupert came into her life and made a big change, this meant her original marriage and family plans were back on. This also shows that plans can quickly change as well as the fact that when it comes to the time of actually implementing that original plan you realize things are a lot different to what you expected. Again with Suzy’s case when it came to the birth of her children she decided against her original plan of having a Nanny raise her children, to deciding it was best to raise her own.

In referring back to my own life my plans have already started changing with my career even before i’m even close to beginning full-time employment. One thing I have though is the sound mind that ultimately God has my life planned down to the finest detail and I don’t have to worry one bit. This doesn’t mean I have to do nothing myself to make things happen but the Big picture is all worked out for my best.  


Big ideas and big ambitions are something all of us have, and a majority forget , put aside and dismiss because “life gets in the way”. Tony from the 7 up series was one of the few people that followed through with his dreams , the fact that he decided it wasn’t in his best interest is beside the point. When it come to this stage in life that I am ready to select and decide my dreams and ambitions regarding my career ,my life and consider possibilities, it is important for me to stick by my goals and life ambitions. People who let these things slip fall into a place in which they are just going through the motions seemingly just waiting to die or waste away their days waiting for something to happen. Aspirations to continually improve yourself or aim for a goal whether it be saving for a holiday, working towards a promotion or just simply to be a better person. Tony displayed a perpetual attempt to aim higher and higher until he reached one point where he says “I’m as far as I can come and I’m satisfied”. Despite what he says I feel that every person naturally wants to always get more, be more and achieve more. There is no amount of wealth, status, achievements or experiences you can have that will fully satisfy you, but ambitions are important to keep you motivated and moving forward. Once you set yourself a goal and you then work for it and achieve it there is almost no better feeling in the world, hopefully this will motivate you to continue to shoot for goals and aim higher. So give it a whack, set yourself a goal and work towards it to reap the rewards.